Mike Hodges Memorial Fund
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The Mike Hodges Memorial Fund, is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to fighting the various forms of the meningococcal disease (meningitis) strains that kill and maim so many people around the world. The MHMF organization is dedicated to providing Awareness, Education and Prevention for Bacterial Meningitis and all other strains of the meningitis diseases.  Michael Sean Hodges, our son, brother, uncle and friend, died at the age of 44 years from acute Bacterial Meningitis. Mike came into the emergency room at 4 am on Friday morning May 8th 2009 and by 10pm that evening, he was dead.

   National Meningitis Association The Mike Hodges Memorial Fund (MHMF) has teamed with the National Meningitis Association (NMA) to provide Awareness, Education and Prevention support for combating Meningoccal Diseases. 

Your tax deductible donations will help our organization continue the fight against the various forms of Meningitis.  Press the Donate Button below and make a contribution on our secure credit card processor.

Thank you all.

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